Walks Around Doncaster

Donny Drinker Spring 2012 DD113

One of the first items in the current editors Donny Drinker was a walk  in the Doncaster District. Please find a reprint of the walk. Please note times have changed and so may have the route and places along. Please check if you are thinking of revisiting.

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RAMBLES WITH ROUND Hatfield to the Salutation
He started the walk from the public car park between Hatfield Church and the Ingram Arms. As this was a linear walk, you may wish to sample the real ales at the pubs en route, it would be best achieved by the use of public transport. Information regarding bus times may be obtained from the Transport Link, The Interchange or the Travel Information office in the Frenchgate Centre.
Please be aware that that this walk was in Spring of 2012 and may have changed slightly with regards to weather. Walks are undertaken at your own risk and are not the responsibility of either the author or the poster of this publication. Please plan your timings if you are planning an attempt to follow the route.
Please take care at all times and observe The Country Code.

Leave the car park which is situated between Hatfield Church and the Ingram Arms and cross the road heading left past the Ingram Arms and Blue Bell and continue through the village along Manor Road until reaching Hatfields (Take care crossing road to pub). Continue along Doncaster Road (to the left of Hatfields) shortly reaching Coppice Lane, signposted as a bridleway, on your right. Proceed along Coppice Lane (tarmac giving way to pebbled surface) – school grounds on right, housing behind high fences on left. After a while pass through an ungated barrier into Dunscroft and come to a road with postbox.

Cross and go straight ahead along bridleway. Reach a road and go straight across on Broadwater Drive to a busy road (Broadway). Cross with care and continue along bridleway opposite (signed as Quarry Park). Keep on path which has become an earth path and continue into open countryside. (Path is tree-lined). At signpost take path to the right. Continue with a wood to your left and fields to your right. At the end of the wood keep straight ahead. Soon, Thorpe Marsh cooling towers can be seen ahead in the distance (not anymore). Keep heading towards them and eventually reach railway crossing (Stop, Look and Listen). Cross with care and continue on path opposite.

You are now entering Barnby Dun with houses on left and fields on right. The lane (Hatfield Lane) becomes an estate road and you soon reach Top Road which is a main road. Cross the busy road with care and turn left and then right onto a public footpath by the garage. The path, which passes the Working Men’s Club , emerges on High Street.

Turn right and keep on past the Methodist Church and Betaprint Printers. When reaching The Star pub (pub now closed), cross the road and take the signed path to the left (Ramper Lane) up to the canal.
Turn left along towpath and proceed for about 0.75 miles until reaching Old Kirk Sandall. Leave the towpath via car park and walk past St. Oswald’s Church. Take the lane immediately to the left, Moor Lane, which soon veers to the right. The lane is tree-lined (note the Glass Park on your left) and emerges on Doncaster Road, the main road through Kirk Sandall. Turn right and go over the railway bridge and then cross the busy road with care to The Glass House – our first pub stop. (This first section of the walk is approx. 4.8 miles).

Leave The Glass House by heading through the car park and through a gate in the bottom corner. Turn left and then right along a tree-lined path which runs parallel with the railway line. Pass by the Bowling Club on the right, ignoring first snicket until reaching the second snicket on the right which is opposite a sign saying “Have You Closed The Gates!”. Go down snicket which emerges on a green (Rainford Square) and then turn left onto Lancaster Avenue.
Go right onto Eccleston Road and then right by the Catholic Church. Head down the road and enter snicket immediately opposite which emerges onto Tarleton Close. At end of close go through the gate opposite to enter Brecks Wood. Take the woodland path to the left and continue round the perimeter of the wood until emerging onto Brecks Lane. Take care crossing the busy road and take the public footpath opposite to enter a small wood.

Emerging from wood, ignore paths to the right and continue along the path between the houses. When eventually reaching Edenfield Road in Edenthorpe, cross the busy road to the Eden Arms, our second pub stop. (This second section of the walk is approx. 1.2 miles). Next to the pub is Tesco where sandwiches may be purchased and there are benches and a grassy area where food may be eaten. Leaving Eden Arms, cross back over Edenfield Road and head for Thorne Road. Cross, using pelican crossing, and take the public bridleway opposite. Keep on, with fields to the left and caravans & houses to the right, until reaching the West Moor Link Road. Go through the underpass to enter Armthorpe.

Proceed along Mere lane until reaching a bridleway sign on the right. Follow the path to enter Shaw Wood. Take the woodland path which goes round the right hand edge of the wood until eventually leaving the wood via a snicket which emerges onto Basil Avenue. Turn right and reach the very busy Doncaster Road. Cross with care and turn right to cross the railway bridge. Continue out of the village along Doncaster Road, with fields to your left and a golf course to your right, until reaching the Sportsman – our third pub stop. (This third section of the walk is approx. 2.45 miles).

Leave the pub and turn right, retracing your steps along Doncaster Road until reaching a sign for Sandall Beat Wood. Turn right and enter the wood. Soon take path to the right with school playing field on your right. Eventually turn right again and continue along this path, with bottom end of playing fields on your right. Path then veers to the left and you eventually reach a car park. Turn right and proceed along Sandall Beat Road by the Racecourse, with the race track on your left and football fields on your right. On reaching the Racecourse complex at the end of the road turn left along Leger Way. Cross the road using the pelican crossing and continue until reaching Town Moor Avenue. Turn right and proceed along Town Moor Avenue until reaching the Town Fields.

Turn left onto the Town Fields taking the diagonal path up to the top left hand corner. (Head towards Christ Church spire). Turn left along Town Field Villas towards South Parade, with Hall Cross School on your right. On reaching South Parade, turn right and cross the busy road to The Salutation. This is the fourth and final pub stop and you have now reached the end of the walk.
(This fourth section of the walk is approx. 2.8 miles).

The total distance covered by the walk is approx; 11.25 miles.
At the time of writing, the beers you can expect to find at the various pub stops are as shown below.
The Glasshouse Two everchanging guest beers.
The Eden Arms Three everchanging guest beers, and beer festivals twice a year.
The Sportsman up to three guest beers from breweries in the Marston’s portfolio.
The Salutation Several everchanging guest beers plus a real cider.
If you are going to try and refollow the walk please ring the pubs beforehand.