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Comments are coming in about the 27th Doncaster Beer Festival

We are receiving some comments about the Beer Festival, on the whole it is looking like the Festival was an enjoyable few days even before the festival opened, ie the ‘Setup’ volunteers are giving some positive feed back too. Please visit the Beer Festival Website where there are postings of the comments that are being collated to make the possibility of next years festival an even better one. We haven’t confirmed it yet but please keep visiting the Website and reading the Donny Drinker when information becomes available.

If you would like to comment about the festival good or bad, please e-mail the Webmaster or any of the Committee Members on the Contact us page.

Votes are needed for the nominated Autumn Pub(s) of The Season Award

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Thank You

The 27th Doncaster Beer Festival has come to a close.

Can the Doncaster and District CAMRA take the opportunity to say ‘A Big Thank You’ to all who attended we hope you enjoyed it and look forward to next years.

A further thank you goes out to all who Volunteered (you know who you are) and to All our Sponsors, who also without your support we could not have put it all together. And of course to The Dome (DCLT) for allowing us to take over their venue for a week.

Apologies if you were unable to attend but please revisit the Main Website for further information of what’s happening in Doncaster and District CAMRA area. 

Please also follow the links to find information about other Festivals in the region and nationally to help give them support also.

Voted Beers of the 27th Doncaster Beer Festival 

Bitter__ Angles Ales; Feral Nun,
Blonde__ Welbeck Abbey; Jess Canadian Summer,
Pale__ Yorkshire Heart;  Get Hitched,
Stout__ Revolution; Swoon,
Speciality__ Hilltop; Cherry Wheat,
IPA__ Ossett; Ambros



The 12th Man

The Old Mill Brewery have recently created a new real ale called 12th Man. 

The Brew has been made to support two very important charities;           ‘Opening Up’ Promotes Mental Wellbeing & Suicide Prevention Through Cricket.

‘Calm’  The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is an award-winning charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK

5p for every pint sold will go to the said charities which raises awareness of mental health issues and male suicide.


The Old Mill Brewery Snaith

Summer Pub of the Season.
The Summer Pub of the Season is announced.
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DD 138

The Summer Edition of the Donny Drinker is out now.

Doncaster & District Beer Festival 2018

The venue for the Doncaster & District Beer Festival 2018 is revealed.
Please visit the Beer Festival page in the menu bar or click here. Some good news for visitors to the festival, the admission price is held at 2015 prices.

The Jemmy Hirst at The Rose and Crown

The annual mini beer festival at the Jemmy Hirst has been announced. 

Friday June 29th and 30th. See the Beer Festival tab for further details.

Join Simon, Jane and Bruno (their dog)