For those that have never heard of it, the Brampton Run takes in about 18 pubs in all that are spread along a mile of Chatsworth Road in an area called Brampton. 11 of these pubs sell real ale, according to my research. I met up with my friend Andy and his son Matt for a wander around a few.

We caught the 84 bus to a stop next to Morrisons Supermarket, just before the Walton Road roundabout. From here we took a short walk up Old Hall Road to the Brittania Inn where I had a pint of Brampton Mild. Brampton Brewery were asked to reproduce the Brampton Mild of old for the Chesterfield beerfest in 2008 as a festival special. It's not a mild as we know it, being golden in colour. Their Impy Dark is the proper 'mild' of their range. A nice start to the afternoon.

From there we crossed the road to the Rose & Crown, which is a Brampton Brewery pub so I plumped for the 'Golden Bud' this time. They had four Brampton brews on the bar plus guests. Then it was a short walk to the Tap House, which used to be the Brampton Ale House. This is a Barlow Brewery house and I had a pint of Muirhouse Summit Hoppy here as it was their special of the week. No disrespect to Barlow ales, I like their Bettys Blonde, but I fancied a hoppy beer this time.

Next port of call was The Star, and anyone who knows the trail will realise we passed two of the good ones, but we went back to them. They only had two Theakston ales on so I had Lightfoot which was nice enough. We then popped almost next door to the Peacock who had half a dozen to choose from. Sadly my pint of Abbeydale Moonshine was taken back as it just was not 'right' and was happily swapped for Butcome Bitter.

Our final stop for this trip was Real Ale Corner. Actually an off license with lots of bottles available, but also has two hand pumps in action so I opted for Elgoods Indian Summer. This was the one outlet we visited who did not use sparklers and the beer itself was quite lively and held it's head better than a couple we had had earlier.

We caught a bus back and then realised we should perhaps have visited the facilities somewhere, a dash up to the Royal Oak near the marketplace was the solution and I had a pint of Bradfield Farmers Blonde in there. Andy had to go for his bus but Matt and myself were looking for a bite to eat. I didn't note down the name of the pub we went into but it was similar to a Wetherspoons, long bar, lots of young staff, sport on the TVs...

They had some ales on, the first I got was very cloudy and one of the staff actually noticed that I was stood there with it in front of me and offered to change it. I can't remember what I had there now but had I been beer scoring it would have got a low one, compared with earlier in the afternoon.

We will go back and do the other half of the run one day.